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The Hiring Process

Want to get hired to help me run my business? It's absolutely simple

The steps that you need to take

First, contact me to or (720)471-2335.

Second, tell me your name, where you are located, how you heard about my business, what your current status is(employed, unemployed, or if you got fired from your old company), how you heard about my business plus who told you, and why you are interested. I'll use GoogleMeet and/or Zoom to introduce new members to my company and host online conferences for my business. I still need to get a board of directors put together to join me in these meetings to join me. I will do networking meetings every week after I graduate high school in May of 2024. This company was established back in 2019 but people are always free to contact me anytime. 

About Me

My name is Ethan Nicholas Altomare. My company strives to help small business boost their presence. I work part-time in radio and part time in real estate, If your company is recovering from a Covid-19 slump, I can help by boosting promotions and getting you back on your way. 

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